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ILSE JACOBSEN mini08 bag - bison/cashew

Ilse Jacobsen

• Small tote bag
• Soft faux leather
• Braided
• Reversible style with two different colors
• Hidden snap hook to secure keys

This tote bag is a smaller version of the legendary tote bag designed by ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBÆK. Made for a night out and other occasions where you just need to bring the most essential things. Just like the BAG08, the BAG06MINI, is reversible, which means that you get two different colored bags in one!

It is made of braided, soft faux leather with wide carrying straps at the top for comfort and a stable plate at the bottom, to ensure that the bag always keeps its shape. Furthermore, it has a special logo tag with a hidden snap hook. Perfect if you are that person who can never find your keys.

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